Spell level: cleric 9; sorcerer/wizard 9

Innate level: 9
School: conjuration
Components: verbal, somatic
Range: medium (20 meters)
Area of effect: point
Duration: 1 round / level
Save: none
Spell resistance: none

Description: This powerful summoning spell opens a portal to another plane, calling forth a balor. If the caster is protected by the effects of protection from evil, magic circle against evil, or aura versus evil, the balor becomes their faithful and loyal servant. If the caster is not so protected, the balor attempts to destroy them.


  • The creature summoned when the caster is protected at the moment of casting is stronger than the one summoned if the caster is not protected. (See balor (summon) and balor.)
  • If the caster is not protected at the moment of casting then the balor is hostile, cannot be dispelled, and is summoned for one turn.
  • There was an attempt by BioWare to make a faithful balor check the caster's protection every round (and turn on the caster if the protection was lost), but this check ended up not functioning.
  • Some players cast this spell without protection in order to create a hostile balor, bypassing PvP settings. (See griefing.)

Custom content notes[]

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