The GetMetaMagicFeat() NWScript command returns the type of metamagic that was applied by the caller to the last spell he or she cast. The auto-metamagic feats (e.g. automatic still spell) are ignored by this command.

Definition Edit

int GetMetaMagicFeat ()

The return value is a METAMAGIC_* constant. Although the METAMAGIC_* constants form a bit field, it is not necessary to treat the return value as a bit field since only one value can ever be returned. (That is, one can test for equality with a specific constant, rather than needing to use a bitwise-and.)

Bugs Edit

The return value of GetMetaMagicFeat() is not reset when a spell is cast from an item. Thus, for example, a spell cast from a scroll can be empowered by casting an empowered spell immediately before using the scroll. A spell script could work around this bug by checking to see if the spell was cast from an item before checking for the use of metamagic.

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