Gloves are worn on the hands. These items can be enchanted with many magical properties to enhance the wearer. An attack or damage bonus on gloves applies only to unarmed strike and is not used if a weapon is equipped.

In Neverwinter Nights, gloves occupy the gloves or bracers slot. Although called "gloves," there is only one glove/bracer slot. If a pair of gloves provides a bonus to armor class, it is a deflection bonus.

Gauntlets of ogre power Edit

While these magical items have been around for thousands of years, their popularity never seems to decrease. Recently, a party of adventurers out of Calimshan uncovered a vast treasure trove, filled with magical items like these. The sudden influx of magical gauntlets does not seem to have decreased their value, as every adventurer across the land clamors for the assistance of these useful artifacts.

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