Gold pieces (gp) are the standard currency of Neverwinter Nights. No other currency is available in the standard game, so the minimum price for anything is 1gp. Gold pieces may be found as items in containers, but not in a creature's inventory. Instead, when a creature gains possession of gold pieces, the item is destroyed and the creature's gold total is updated.

The maximum gold a creature (including player characters) can have is 4,294,967,295, although odd behavior may occur if a creature's gold goes over 2,147,483,647. (This is usually not a concern, though, as under normal circumstances, a player character's gold rarely goes above a few million.) The maximum gold that can be found in a single stack in a container is 50,000, although a container may have multiple stacks of gold.


In pencil-and-paper Dungeons & Dragons, varying currencies are used. The currencies (and conversions) used in the third edition are the following.

1 platinum piece = 10 gold pieces = 100 silver pieces = 1000 copper pieces.

Older editions used a different system that included electrum pieces, which are not present in the third edition system.

Custom content notes Edit

The ResRef for the gold piece item is nw_it_gold001. The maximum stack size (50,000) for this item is defined in the "Stacking" column of row 76 of baseitems.2da, while most other special handling of this item (such as conversion to creature gold when it is acquired) is hardcoded.

The reason for possible odd behavior if a creature has a lot of gold is that scripts use signed 32-bit integers, while the gold possessed by a creature is stored as an unsigned 32-bit integer. It may be possible to check for negative values to compensate for the conversion to a signed value (even though such special handling is rarely warranted).

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