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Type of Feat: (Epic) General

Prerequisite: Cha 25, 21st level, Smite Evil or Smite Good

Specifics: Whenever the character makes a successful smite attack, it adds 2x the characters level to damage. This feat may be taken multiple times, up to a maximum of 10x. When used with Smite Evil, Champion of Torm and Paladin levels are added together to determine the character level; and when used with Smite Good, Blackguard levels are used to determine the character level.

Use: Combat


  • Requires Hordes of the Underdark.
  • For instance, you have 30 Paladin levels and 10 Champion of Torm. Without the Great Smiting feat, Smite Evil will add your Charisma bonus to your Attack Bonus versus an evil opponent (the CHA bonus to AB does not count toward the 20 magical AB bonus cap) and will add your total class level of Paladin and CoT (30 + 10 = 40) to damage. So you will get an additional 40 damage. With Great Smiting I, you will do 80 damage instead of 40 (Great Smiting feats add the class level again to damage). Great Smiting II will give you 120 and so on. So effectively if you have all 10 Great Smiting feats you are doing 40 x 11 damage or 440. Normally you get 1 Smite Evil/Smite Good per day, with Extra Smiting you get 3.
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