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[[Image:Is grshconj.gif|right|Greater Shadow Conjuration]]
[[Image:Is acidarrow.gif|right|Greater Shadow Conjuration, Acid Arrow]]
[[Image:Is ghostvis.gif|right|Greater Shadow Conjuration, Ghostly Visage]]
[[Image:Is minglobe.gif|right|Greater Shadow Conjuration, Minor Globe of Invulnerability]]
[[Image:Is summshad.gif|right|Greater Shadow Conjuration, Summon Shadow]]
'''Caster Level''': [[Wizard]] / [[Sorcerer]] 5
'''Caster Level''': [[Wizard]] / [[Sorcerer]] 5

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Is grshconj
Is acidarrow
Is ghostvis
Is minglobe
Is summshad

Caster Level: Wizard / Sorcerer 5

Innate Level: 5

School: Illusion

Component(s): V, S

Range: Short

Save: Special

Spell Resistance: Special

Area of Effect/Target: Special

Duration: Special

Description: Allows the caster to conjure a shadow variant of one of the following spells: Summon Shadow, Melf's Acid Arrow, Ghostly Visage, Web, or Minor Globe of Invulnerability.

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