Is grshconj
Is acidarrow
Is ghostvis
Is minglobe
Is summshad
Is web

Caster Level: Wizard / Sorcerer 5

Innate Level: 5

School: Illusion

Component(s): V, S

Range: Short

Save: Special

Spell Resistance: Special

Area of Effect/Target: Special

Duration: Special

Description: Allows the caster to conjure a shadow variant of one of the following spells: Summon Shadow, Melf's Acid Arrow, Ghostly Visage, Web, or Minor Globe of Invulnerability.


  • The Melf's Acid Arrow and Web variants cast by Greater Shadow Conjuration be used against enemies immune to conjuration spells.
  • illusion focused casters can get a high dc on the web variant of this spell due to the increased caster level and the fact that the Spell Focus (illusion) line of feats applys to the DC of that spell.
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