Grenade-like weapons are items that can be thrown to cause damage in an area, similar to the way a grenade is thrown to create an explosion at the target, typically in a huge (6.67 meter radius) area. These items are "mundane" in the sense that anyone can use them (neither feats nor spellcasting required). Using a grenade-like weapon consists of selecting the item's power (the item need not—in fact can not—be equipped) then targeting a location or object. They do not require an empty hand to be used, even though it would be difficult for a real person to throw one item while holding a second item in the same hand.

Most grenade-like weapons serve a secondary purpose as being components for trap crafting.

These items were introduced in the Shadows of Undrentide expansion, with two new grenade-like weapons (acid bomb and fire bomb) added with Hordes of the Underdark.

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