This article is about the spellcasting hak pack; for the game reference PDF, see Neverwinter Grimoire.

The Grimoire is a set of hak packs for Neverwinter Nights that adds new spells, magical items, cleric domains, and anything else related to spellcasting in the game.


The Grimoire's objective is to add as many of the spells and magic items from the sourcebooks of the various Dungeons and Dragons incarnations and other d20 sourcebooks to Neverwinter Nights. It is also the intention of this content to change any of BioWare's existing spells and items to more closely match what is detailed in those same sourcebooks.


The Grimoire started in October, 2003 as an attempt by Syrus Greycloak to add as many spells that were missing from AOL's original Neverwinter Nights (1991-1997) to the game for NWN:Resurrection, a persistent world that has recreated the old game using BioWare's new toolset. Originally called Syrus' Spell Pack, it evolved into The Grimoire after Syrus began adding many more spells and then also receiving scripts and content from community member Danmar to implement some other spells Syrus had not included.


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The Grimoire is still being actively worked on by Syrus Greycloak. Bug reports, feature requests, or contributions may be emailed to Syrus Greycloak at ssbsyrus@gmail.com.

For more development information, refer to the Grimoire development page.

Reporting bugs[]

Submit bugs on the talk page for the changelog.

Submitting suggestions[]

Submit ideas on the talk page for the development section.

External links/download[]

  • You can download the Grimoire from NWVault.

Will the Grimoire transition to NWN2?[]

The concept and objective will be making the move over to NWN2. The main author of the Grimoire, Syrus Greycloak, is helping the Neverwinter Citadel with their Citadel Completion Project (CCP). The intent of the CCP is to add missing spells, feats, skills, items, classes, and more from the Dungeons and Dragons sourcebooks. For more information about the Neverwinter Citadel, visit their website.