With this skill a character can use a healer's kit to cure wounds and heal poisons and diseases.

  • Classes: all
  • Check: To heal poisons and diseases, the healer must make a successful check against their difficulty class. If he is successful, the target is healed and is cured a number of hit points equal to the skill roll, plus all modifiers. If the target suffers from no poisons or diseases, it is still cured of damage.
  • Use: Use healing kit on wounded creature.


  • The skill check allows for a take 20 when the character is not in combat.
  • Use of this skill does not provoke an attack of opportunity when in combat, an advantage over using potions. However, unlike potions, using the heal skill does leave the character flat-footed.
  • Using a healer's kit does not cancel stealth, making it a good option for sneakers.
  • Heal is a class skill for all classes except purple dragon knight.
  • A negative result from the skill check will damage the target (provided the target is already damaged, diseased, or poisoned). However, such a result is rare since normally the heal skill will not be less than -1 (no ranks and a -1 wisdom modifier), and adding a die roll to -1 will not produce a negative result.