Description: Clerics who take the Healing domain are able to cure wounds more effectively than their brethren, and they gain access to cure spells at a faster rate.


Domain special abilities[edit | edit source]

Empower Healing - The following healing spells are cast as if with the empower spell feat: cure minor wounds, cure light wounds, cure moderate wounds, cure serious wounds, and cure critical wounds.

Bonus Spells[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The stated spells are empowered whenever cast by a character with this domain, regardless of the source of the spell. Most notably, this includes drinking curative potions.
  • Clerics with the healing domain will notice that empowered versions of the cure spells will not be twice empowered.
  • A cleric with this domain who casts a maximized cure spell will have the spell effects maximized before this domain empowers them.
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