This skill allows a character to hide from enemies.

  • Check: The character must succeed at an opposed test against a searching creature's spot check. Success means that the character goes undetected.
  • Special: The hide and move silently skills combine into a single stealth action. Movement in stealth mode is slower than the normal rate. Wearing armor or using a torch inhibits this ability, but low light can provide a bonus. A character in stealth mode is harder to spot if standing still, and if his stature is small.
  • Use: Select the stealth action from the Special Abilities radial. Invisible creatures automatically enter stealth mode. Opposed spot and listen rolls are made once per round, where applicable.


  • Despite the official description of this skill, invisible characters do not automatically enter stealth mode.
  • For factors affecting a character's ability to successfully use this skill, see spot. In brief, hiding is easier when standing still and harder (at night) when carrying a light.