Hordes of the Underdark

Hordes of the Underdark (HotU) is the second of the official expansion packs.

HotU adds a new campaign (that continues the story from Shadows of Undrentide), epic rules, whip and dwarven waraxe weapons, as well as the content listed below.

New skills, feats and prestige classes[]

Skills Feats Epic feats Prestige classes

craft armor
craft weapon

brew potion
craft wand
curse song
scribe scroll
whirlwind attack

armor skin
automatic quicken spell
automatic silent spell
automatic still spell
bane of enemies
blinding speed
construct shape
devastating critical
dragon shape
epic energy resistance
epic damage reduction
epic dodge
epic fiendish servant
epic fortitude
epic prowess
epic reflexes
epic reputation
epic skill focus
epic shadowlord
epic spell focus
epic spell penetration
epic spell: dragon knight
epic spell: epic mage armor
epic spell: epic warding
epic spell: greater ruin
epic spell: hellball
epic spell: mummy dust
epic toughness
epic weapon focus
epic weapon specialization
epic will
great charisma
great constitution
great dexterity
great intelligence
great strength
great wisdom
improved combat casting
improved ki strike 4,5
improved sneak attack
improved spell resistance
improved stunning fist
improved whirlwind attack
lasting inspiration
mighty rage
outsider shape
overwhelming critical
perfect health
planar turning
self concealment
superior initiative
terrifying rage
thundering rage
undead shape

champion of Torm
dwarven defender
pale master
red dragon disciple
weapon master

New spells[]

Level Bard Cleric Druid Paladin Ranger Sorcerer/Wizard
1st magic weapon

magic weapon


bless weapon deafening clang


Horizikaul's boom
ice dagger
magic weapon
Shelgarn's persistent blade

2nd cloud of bewilderment stone bones      

cloud of bewilderment
death armor
flame weapon
Gedlee's electric loop
stone bones


greater magic weapon
keen edge

glyph of warding
magic vestment

healing sting
infestation of maggots


blade thirst

greater magic weapon
keen edge
Mestil's acid breath
scintillating sphere

4th   greater magic weapon   holy sword    

monstrous regeneration

monstrous regeneration
vine mine


ball lightning
Mestil's acid sheath

6th   undeath to death crumble
    undeath to death
7th           great thunderclap
8th           blackstaff
9th           black blade of disaster

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