Ife disarm

Type of feat: general
Prerequisite: intelligence 13+, disarm

Specifics: A character with this feat has learned not to provoke an attack of opportunity when attempting a disarm. Success knocks the opponent's weapon from his hands. The penalty to make a disarm attempt is reduced to -4.

Use: selected


  • All the considerations for regular disarm attempts apply to improved disarm; the only changes are those stated in the feat description (reduced penalty and no attack of opportunity).

Builder notesEdit

Item feat: No, but it can be added with custom content.

Custom content notesEdit

Removable: yes

Reusable: yes

Script: hardcoded

  • This feat can be added to iprp_feats.2da to make it available as an item feat, but it will only work if the player has the disarm feat, otherwise this feat will have no effect.
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