Is x1gremis

Caster Level: Wizard / Sorcerer 6

Innate Level: 6

School: Evocation

Component(s): V, S

Range: Long

Save: None

Spell Resistance: Yes

Area of Effect/Target: Gargantuan

Duration: Instant

Description: A number of energy missiles (one per caster level but to a maximum of 20) appear and randomly target and hit any hostile creature in the area of effect. If there are more creatures than missiles, only the closest targets will be damaged. If there are more missiles than creatures, one of the creatures will be hit with multiple missiles. Each missile does 2d6 points of damage.

Caster LevelMissiles per Cast


  • Added in the Expansion packs.
  • The spell description in the SoU manual says 3d6 damage per missile, but it is actually 2d6.
  • Since there is no DC associated with this spell, it is quite effective for casters with a low casting ability score.
  • This spell is effectively used on a single target, since all the missiles will hit the one opponent -- dealing a considerable amount of damage (provided the victim does not have protection such as magical Damage Resistance, high Spell resistance, a Spell mantle, or Spell Immunity).
  • Occasionally, servers will ban the maximized version of this spell or make other changes to weaken it. This is because even pure IGMS (Isaac's Greater Missile Storm), without any meta-magic 'buff', is *uber* powerful. If you are playing the campaign and somehow you didn't have a chance to use this spell (providing you are a spell caster of course), you really should try it, and unleash its raw power on your enemies, although concentrating fire power on one enemy is much more effective.
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