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Legends of Talanith is a persistent server. This server has no spell or class restrictions, and supports character levels up to 40. Subraces are supported (see website for details). A complex and unique crafting system is in the works. It is a 24/7 server and runs under the standard ruleset (non-HCR, mid-level magic). CEP 2.3 is required.

An excerpt from the server's home page:

"Thousands of years ago, there was a great war between the forces of good & Evil, it appears that good prevailed... but did it really? The followers of Fan'taween have reappeared in Kil'dar to all it appears that the evil goddess has changed her ways. But has she really? Come & enjoy a RPG world where you choose what side you'll be on in the coming conflicts. Join the followers of Jar'dior, fight for good & justice, or join Fan'taween & seek out the truth of Evil -- Or, the neutral god Mal'oi who strives for balance. Join with the dark elves & their sister goddesses as they seek to overpower all & remake the world into their own vision. It all starts in the Kingdom of Kil'Dar from there it's anyone's guess..."

The Dungeon Masters for this server are Jazelle and Myle.

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