Light Crossbow
Name: Light crossbow
Description: The crossbow resembles a bow laid crosswise on a wood or metal shaft, and is favored for its versatility. The light crossbow variant is durable and reasonably easy to conceal, but lacks some of the punch of its larger cousin.

weapon properties
weight (lb) 6
cost (gp) 35
damage 1d8
criticals 19-20/x2
damage type Piercing
size Small
proficiency Monk



  • Crossbows only provide one attack per round no matter the creature's BAB. However, the rapid reload feat will allow the same number of attacks per round as allowed by the creatures BAB. Effects that provide additional attacks, such as haste or the divine power spell, will still work as intended.
  • A crossbow's damage is unaffected by its wielder's strength unless given an explicit mighty property, so characters with less than 10 strength will not have a damage penalty when wielding most crossbows.
  • Crossbows require characters to wield them with two hands regardless of size.
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