Lilac Soul's NWN script generator is a tool for creating scripts for use in Neverwinter Nights. It covers many of the basic functions that are used frequently in modules, as well as some less frequently used ones. The program is suited for novice scripters who cannot make these scripts themselves. It has most of the features of the Toolset's script wizard in being able to make conversation scripts, as well as the ability to generate scripts for other purposes. It is integrated in an easy-to-use windowed environment, usable even by those who know absolutely no scripting.

The program is released under the standard GNU General Public License, which ensures open access to the source code and permits editing and redistribution by others. Both the source code and the text of the license are available for download with the program.

As of version 2.0, the script generator is able to read standard and custom palettes, compile scripts, export to an .erf file, and save directly to a module. The latest version (2.3) includes many commands from patch 1.67, such as trap-related functions, appearance-related functions, and SetName(), as well as some bug fixes.

Known issues Edit

When using the CheckPartyforItem() function, the script generator neglects to include nw_i0_tool, resulting in the compile error "NO RIGHT BRACKET ON EXPRESSION". This can be fixed by adding the line

#include "nw_i0_tool"

to the beginning of the script, right after the initial comments.

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