Listen alerts a character to hidden creatures that may be nearby.

  • Check: Listen detects hidden creatures by opposing their move silently check. A successful check renders the hidden creature visible, and makes it a valid target for the listener.
  • Special: Standing still provides a +5 bonus to a listen check. A character with the alertness feat gains a +2 bonus on listen checks. Rangers gain a bonus when listening against a favored enemy. Elves, gnomes, and halflings gain a +2 racial bonus to listen checks. Half-elves receive a +1 racial bonus.
  • Use: Listen is part of the detect modal action. In passive detect mode, checks are made automatically every round. Active detect mode is a modal action that reduces the normal movement rate and makes the character perform an active listen, as well as spot and search checks.

Additional modifiers[]

  • +10 DC if the listener is in combat.
  • +5 DC if the target is standing still.
  • -5 DC if the listener is standing still.
  • +1 DC for every 3 meters between listener and target.
  • Size modifiers (tiny: +8, small: +4, medium: 0, large: -4, huge: -8).
  • +5 DC for every 40cm of object (including creatures) between listener and target in outdoor areas.
  • +2 DC in indoor areas if the line of sight is blocked and the target is within 4 tiles.
  • Area listen check modifiers.


  • Cannot hear silenced creatures.
  • Cannot hear sanctuaried creatures.
  • Can only hear invisible creatures within the max attack range.
  • Can only hear creatures within the max attack range when listener is blind.
  • Both silenced or deafened creature can hear others creatures normally however. This is probably bug.
  • Listen can go through solid objects such as walls and doors, but creatures that are heard one round can become not heard the next. In contrast, Spot requires line of sight, but once a creature is spotted, it does not become un-spotted unless line of sight is broken or HiPS is invoked.
  • Against stealthy opponents, Listen might not be sufficient to allow casters to target spells, or avoid sneak attacks from stealth, and Spot is possibly required for this.