Name: Longsword
Description: The longsword is the weapon most commonly associated with knights and their ilk. There are many variations in the blade, but all are approximately 35 to 47 inches in length.

weapon properties
weight (lb) 4
cost (gp) 15
damage 1d8
criticals 19-20/x2
damage type slashing
size Medium
proficiency elf


Angurvadal (Flame Tongue) Edit

Blades of this type hail from the workshop of Raegik Hammerhold, a Rashemar smith who refused to reveal the secrets of his craft to any but his chosen apprentice. It is unknown how many Angurvadal blades may exist, but it is certain there are no more being produced. Raegik discovered his student dealing with the Red Wizards of Thay, and is believed to have died in the ensuing battle.

Aramil's Blade Edit

Aramil the Triumphant was a gladiator famed for his great strength and his brutish lack of grace. Near the end of his career, the fading champion requisitioned the creation of a special sword on the eve of what was to be his final match, even contributing a vial of his own blood so that the weapon's magic would draw upon and amplify his own legendary strength. However, Aramil's scheduled opponent—Unferth the Cunning—convinced the wizard crafting the blade to use the blood to imbue the weapon with all of Aramil's traits, including his oafish clumsiness.
An awkward combatant at the best of times, the sword's drawback turned Aramil into a stumbling buffoon and he was easily dispatched by Unferth. The poor performance left an ugly stain on an otherwise glorious career, and Aramil—along with the magical blade that had been his downfall—was quickly forgotten.

Note: Requires Hordes of the Underdark.

Astral Blade +1 Edit

This weapon bears the mark of the dwarf Marrok, Master Blacksmith of Neverwinter's Shining Knight Arms and Armor. He forged it early in 1373 DR, to aid the heroes who sought to free his quarantined city from the virulent grasp of the so-called Wailing Death.

  • Damage bonus: +d4 sonic damage
  • Enhancement bonus: +1
  • Required level: 6

Astral Blade +2 Edit

This weapon bears the mark of the dwarf Barun, a Master Blacksmith who worked from a makeshift forge in the Uthgardt village of Beorunna's Well. He forged it late in 1373 DR, to aid the war effort against Lady Aribeth the Betrayer, who was then marching against the northern city of Neverwinter and the Lords' Alliance.

  • Damage bonus: +d10 sonic damage
  • Enhancement bonus: +2
  • Required level: 15

Astral Blade +8 Edit

On an exploration into the ruins of Northkeep, the bard Leldor claimed to have found and identified this powerful magic longsword; yet he could offer no proof of its existence. According to the fanciful tale he wove, the ghosts of the original defenders came to him whilst he slept and claimed the sword belonged to the Lady of the North. When he asked who this Lady was, a beautiful apparition appeared, and Leldor immediately fell in love and returned her weapon.

  • Damage bonus: +2d6 sonic damage
  • Enhancement bonus: +8
  • Required level: 23

Note: Requires Hordes of the Underdark.

Blade of the Gladiator Edit

Long ago, the formians built great subterranean cities and vast, cavernous empires. Societies of war, they reveled in the blood and glory of the gladiatorial pit, where slaves and prisoners fought for their cruel amusement. One such gladiator was the human Ajan, who stole the blade of his formian master and used it to escape to the surface with Zoe, his love. It is said that all who wield it are bound for greatness.

  • Damage bonus: +d6 acid damage
  • Enhancement bonus: +2
  • Required level: 11

Blessing of the Daystar Edit

A legacy blade, this Blessing of the Daystar is one of several recovered from the Sons of Light, a group of knights who fought in the latter days of the Weeping War, 713 DR. Their leader, Scottie Torilson, was possessed of the one true Daystar, and through it they received the blessing of Torm in their last hour. They went to their deaths for a strategically unimportant elven village, because duty demanded nothing less.

  • Damage bonus: + d6 fire damage versus evil
  • Enhancement bonus: +3
  • Enhancement bonus: +5 versus undead
  • Required level: 16

Cold Iron Blade Edit

A series of these weapons were constructed for the defense of the library fortress of Candlekeep some 200 years ago. The keep had acquired a tome detailing the imprisonment of the pit fiend Aegatohl, and a score of malevolent creatures came to claim it. A small horde was held at bay by the Knights of the Mailed Fist, along with the unexpected assistance of Devon's Privateers, a group of pirates. The tome was later destroyed.

Cold Iron Blade Edit

Since the war with the Devil Dragon, these blades are fairly common in Cormyr. They were manufactured in large numbers to equip the Purple Dragons, for it was only with cold iron that the ghazneths could be harmed.

  • Damage bonus: +d4 cold damage versus outsiders
  • Required level: 1

Note: Requires patch 1.69.

Holy Avenger Edit

The dream of every paladin is to claim his own holy avenger. These blessed weapons are found only amongst the most elite paladins, whose lives have been fully dedicated to the pursuits of their gods. One famous paladin described his weapon as his best and last friend in every situation. When peace fails, the holy avenger becomes the embodiment of the law.

Note: Requires Hordes of the Underdark. Since the holy avenger property already gives this weapon a +2 enhancement bonus, the explicit enhancement bonus serves no in-game purpose other than making this blade more valuable.

Soulrazor Minion Edit

A Soulrazor Minion is a shadow of the original Soulrazor sword, duplicated with meticulous effort by Khol of Zhentil Keep. Soulrazor possessed seemingly limitless evil, corrupting all that dared wield it. While unable to name the force behind the first blade, Khol found he could encourage it to infest other weapons in a process he called "bleeding the void." He created a number of Minions but apparently upset some greater balance, and was drawn through to whatever dark place it was that he had tapped.

The Singing Sword Edit

This blade literally hums with power. The closer a person's hand comes to the pommel, the louder the hum. The blade is supposed to have belonged to the famous swordsman known as the "Laughing Knight". He would ride his charger into battle, laughing loudly while holding the Singing Sword, striking fear into the hearts of his opponents and lifting the moral of his allies.

  • Damage bonus: +1 sonic damage
  • Enhancement bonus: +5
  • Light: normal (blue)
  • No combat damage
  • Required level: 17

Note: Requires Shadows of Undrentide.

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