Elf male6

His clothing crisp and spotless, this elf scans the room nervously. He appears terribly preoccupied, his manner suggesting that he is greatly troubled.

Statistics Edit

Race: elf
Alignment: chaotic good
Armor class: 17
Hit points: 100
Attack bonus: +4
Damage: 1d6 bludgeoning damage (magic staff, critical: 20/x2)
Disarmed: 1d3-1 bludgeoning damage (unarmed strike)

Hit dice (level): 11
Spellcasting: sorcerer 11
Challenge rating: 12

  fortitude 5 (6 vs. spells)
reflex 8 (9 vs. spells)
will 7 (8 vs. spells)


  strength 8
dexterity 20
constitution 14
intelligence 10
wisdom 10
charisma 16

Trained skills:(‡) concentration, spellcraft
Feats: combat casting, hardiness vs. enchantments, immunity to sleep, keen sense, shield proficiency, skill affinity (listen), skill affinity (search), skill affinity (spot), spell focus (enchantment, evocation), spell penetration (unless disarmed), weapon proficiency (elf)

Blueprint:(‡) m1q3cmeldanen

Special abilities Edit

Meldanen can cast cone of cold (caster level 11) 4 times per day. He is a level 11 sorcerer, with the following spells available.

Level 1 daze, light, ray of frost, resistance
Level 2 charm person, mage armor, magic missile, ray of enfeeblement, sleep
Level 3 fox's cunning, ghoul touch, invisibility, Melf's acid arrow
Level 4 clarity, fireball, hold person, slow
Level 5 enervation, improved invisibility, stoneskin
Level 6 dismissal, hold monster
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