Mighty is a ranged weapon item property, allowing some of the character's strength modifier to be added to the physical damage for ranged weapons attacks. The mighty modifier applies up to and including the PC's strength modifier, but no more than the mighty amount.

Example: Krusk has a strength of 14 and a mighty +1 longbow. By virtue of his mighty bow, Krusk can add up to +1 of his strength ability modifier to damage with that weapon. Although Krusk's strength of 14 yields him an ability modifier of +2, he is limited to adding only +1 to damage (that's the most the weapon will allow). If he wielded a mighty +2 longbow, he could add his full +2 strength modifier to damage. If he wielded a mighty +3 longbow, he would still only add +2 (not +3) to his damage as his strength bonus is only +2.


  • Darts and throwing axes are automatically mighty up to the character's strength modifier. (A mighty property on these weapons does nothing.)
  • Bows and slings are automatically mighty +0, meaning that without an explicit mighty property, the only circumstance in which the damage of these weapons is affected by strength is when the wielder has a negative strength modifier.
  • Crossbows and shurikens are unaffected by a PC's strength bonus, unless they have a mighty property. That is, a wizard with 8 strength will not have a damage penalty wielding a crossbow or shuriken, as long as that weapon does not have a mighty property.