Mind-affecting is a classification of things that serve to muddle or confuse a target, rather than damaging it directly. This classification is used for effects, spells, and spell-like abilities, with the spells and spell-like abilities of this category identified as such by having a "mind-affecting" descriptor. Mind-affecting spells tend to be of the enchantment school, although there are exceptions.

There are several sources of bonuses to saving throws versus mind-affecting. These bonuses apply when the spell (or spell-like ability) in question is considered "mind-affecting"; the effect resulting from a failed saving throw does not matter as far as the bonus is concerned. (The effect does matter when it comes to mind-affecting immunity, though.)

The mind-affecting effects are charmed, confused, dazed, dominated, frightened, paralyzed, sleep, and stunned. Any attempt to apply one of these effects to a creature with immunity to mind-affecting spells will fail. As exceptions, stunning fist and death attack bypass mind-affecting immunity, even though they inflict mind-affecting conditions (stunned and paralyzed).

The enchantment spells that fall into the mind-affecting category are daze, bane, bless, charm person, doom, sleep, aid, charm person or animal, hold animal, hold person, charm monster, confusion, dominate animal, dominate person, hold monster, war cry, mind fog, mass charm, dominate monster, The other spell schools with spells in this category are divination (feeblemind), illusion (color spray, phantasmal killer and weird), necromancy (clarity), and transmutation (aura of glory). These spells will not negatively affect a creature who is immune to mind-affecting spells. In addition, if they allow a saving throw, then bonuses to saves versus mind-affecting apply to that roll.

Custom content notes Edit

  • In NWScript, general immunity to mind-affecting effects must be checked for in addition to immunity to a specific mind-affecting effect.
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