Mind fog

Spell level: bard 5; sorcerer/wizard 5

Innate level: 5
School: enchantment
Descriptor: mind-affecting
Components: verbal, somatic
Range: long (40 meters)
Area of effect: colossal (10 meter radius)
Duration: 2 rounds + 1 / 2 levels
Save: will negates
Spell resistance: yes

Description: This spell creates a bank of blue fog that saps the will of all those who enter it. Victims take a -10 penalty on will saving throws against mind-affecting spells and effects. This penalty persists for as long as the creature remains in the fog and for an additional 2d6 rounds upon leaving.


Previous versions[]

  • Prior to version 1.66, creatures immune to mind-affecting spells automatically failed the save (without a roll).
  • Due to the bug in script NW_S0_MindFogA, does not use MyResistSpell vs. GetAreaOfEffectCreator().

Custom content notes[]

  • main script: NW_S0_MindFog
  • OnEnter script: NW_S0_MindFogA
  • OnExit script: NW_S0_MindFogB