Construct minogon

Forged from wizard's steel and imbued with raging spirits, minogons are dangerous foes indeed. Their savage cries have left many of their victims stunned.

Statistics Edit

Race: construct
Alignment: true neutral
Armor class: 18
Hit points: 68
Attack bonus: +10/+5
Damage: 1d12+d4+5 slashing damage (greataxe)
Disarmed: 1d8+5 piercing damage (creature weapon)

Hit dice (level): 8
Challenge rating: 8

  fortitude 5
reflex 2
will 3

Size: large

Trained skills:(‡) listen (9), spot (9)
Feats: darkvision, weapon proficiency (creature), weapon proficiency (martial)

Blueprint:(‡) nw_minogon
Craft drop: bar of iron

Special abilities Edit

A minogon has the usual construct immunities to critical hits, death magic, disease, level drain, ability drain, mind-affecting spells, paralysis, poison, and sneak attacks.

A minogon can use its stunning howl three times per day.

Notes Edit

  • There is an unused blueprint for a summoned minogon that is nearly identical to the standard creature, other than having the alertness feat (raising its spot and listen scores to 11) and not being disarmable. The ResRef of this unused creature is nw_s_minogon.
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