Monster classes are classes available to monsters, but not to player characters. Many monsters will take a class with the same name as their race, but monsters can also take other classes, including player classes. While the monster's ability scores, skill points, feats, hit points, and special abilities are subject to editing in the Toolset, the base save and base attack progressions cannot be changed without editing classes.2da. (A bonus to saves that does not count against the +20 cap can, however, be easily added to the creature's properties.) The table below shows these unalterable class properties that all creature blueprints share.

Monster class Primary saving throws BAB progression
aberration will +3/4
animal fortitude, reflex +3/4
beast fortitude, reflex +3/4
commoner none +1/2
construct none +3/4
dragon fortitude, reflex, will +1/1
elemental will +3/4
fey reflex, will +1/2
giant fortitude +3/4
humanoid fortitude +3/4
magical beast fortitude, reflex +1/1
monstrous reflex, will +1/1
ooze fortitude, will +3/4
outsider fortitude, reflex, will +1/1
shapechanger fortitude, reflex, will +3/4
undead will +1/2
vermin fortitude +3/4