Mounted combat

Type of feat: general (available every three level-ups)
Prerequisite: ride 1 rank
Required for: mounted archery

Specifics: While mounted, once per round you will attempt a ride check to increase your armor class by 1 point for every 5 of the check result.

Use: automatic


  • Added in the 1.69 patch.
  • The bonus (a dodge bonus) is only +1 for every 5 of the check result over 10 (but there is no penalty if the check result is under 10).
  • This feat only affects player characters in modules that make use of an OnHeartbeat event script that was introduced in version 1.69. That is, a player gains no benefit from selecting this feat in a module that does not support horses (such as the official campaigns).
  • This feat is disabled or modified on some servers as the effects can be considered overpowered. Common modifications include reducing the bonus by the armor class bonus from tumble (possibly resulting in a penalty), and reducing the ride check by the dexterity modifier (since that modifier has already contributed to armor class).