Narfell is a persistent world set in the Forgotten Realms campaign setting. It strives to bring a tabletop feel to the Neverwinter Nights engine, providing chances for deep roleplaying and intricate plot lines in a world that is constantly in motion. One of the longest running persistent worlds (since 2002), Narfell's administrators believe in a principle of open entry; as such Narfell uses no hak paks and has no passwords. (Both expansion packs are required, though.) Anyone that seeks to roleplay and opens their imagination is welcome to join the server. The world is always changing due to both DM plots and player actions. Frequent module updates make these changes come to life. Surprises are always on the horizon. Narfell's quests are of the PW Story style, where DMs come up with plot ideas and run them for PCs. Players can also request personal quests from the DMs.

Narfell is home to a number of cities, each with their own histories and personalities forged from canon and built over the multiple years the server has been active. Ancient fortresses, monster infested forests, sprawling mountains, and plains filled with the wreckage of an age old war all await exploration. Narfell's player base and DM team are a varied group of roleplayers, giving the potential for high adventure, deep political roleplay, and everything in between.

New player characters start at level 4, and levels are capped at 20. Experience point (XP) gains are low to moderate, with DM awards supplementing the XP from monster kills and area exploration. The magic level is moderate. Death is similar to that in pen-and-paper, with penalties similar to pen-and-paper's raise dead spell. There is no permanent death unless the player chooses to do so.

All standard classes and most subraces are allowed. Some modifications to existing classes are available via overrides available from the server's forums. (These overrides are not required to play, only to access the modifications.) Prestige classes Blackguard, Weapon Master, Pale Master, Dwarven Defender and Assassin are open for all, the rest are only available by application. A DM-run prestige class quest is involved in the application-only PrC.

The server is full PvP, with caveats. Subdual PvP requires DM authorization, or that both parties agree to fight. Lethal PvP is available only with prior DM authorization.

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Connection information
Direct connect:
Server name: Narfell
Module name: Narfell
Password required: no
Required hakpaks: none
Player information
GameSpy category: PW story
Primary game type(s): roleplaying
Treasure/magic level: low/medium
Levels played: 4-20
Maximum players: 55
Vault type: server vault
Enforce legal characters: yes
Item level restrictions: no
Player vs. player: allowed with permission
Server information
Server admin/owner: Dorakhan (admin), DrDreadlock (head DM)
DM timezone(s): all
Primary language: English
Web site: