NeverBlender is an add-on for the Blender 3D modeling and rendering package. It adds support for the (Ascii) MDL file format. The new version works with Blender 2.7 and supports new features from the Enhanced Edition as well.


  • Geometry: Trimesh, Danglymesh, Skinmesh, Animesh
  • Walkmeshes: Doors, Placeables, AABB
  • Multiple uv maps
  • Multiple textures
  • Smoothgroups (auto conversion to and from sharp edges)
  • Animations
  • Normals & Tangents
  • Vertex Colors
  • MTR files (Enhanced Edition only)
  • Basic emitter support (import, export & edit, but no rendering)
  • Tools to generate an blender armature from MDL pseudo-bones
  • Tools to create pseudo-bones (usable by NWN) from an armature

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