Neverwinter Vault (New Vault or Community Vault) is a website that features modules and custom content for Neverwinter Nights (and for Neverwinter Nights 2). With the disappearance of the original Neverwinter Vault in 2014, the new Vault has become the de facto standard location for finding and sharing custom content for the game.

After seeing signs of trouble with the old Vault, several NWN community members undertook a project to preserve its contents, in case IGN was to decide not to maintain the Vault. This resulted in the new Vault website and a massive effort to transfer the content from the old Vault to the new. The vast majority of content has been transferred. The new Vault also serves as a repository for newly created custom content.

After the opening of the new Vault, the old Vault was taken offline and has not yet been restored.

The new Vault includes a search function, which recognizes the "id=" number from links to the old Vault. This can be helpful when encountering a link to content in the old Vault.

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