Non-player characters (NPCs) are characters run by scripts or a DM. They are the people and creatures that populate a module and that player characters interact with. Their roles range from quest givers to generic extras; from merchants to adversaries; and so on.

In the official campaign, you will be communicating with non-player characters (NPCs) through a system of pre-defined responses (similar to the system used in the Baldur's Gate series). This allows us to weave a tighter, more gripping story for your enjoyment. We acknowledge, however, the power and flexibility of a keyword-based text parsing system, especially in a multiplayer environment. While we have opted for the former system in the official campaign, both are supported in the engine and toolset, so you can customize the way players interact with your world to suit your needs.

In Neverwinter Nights, text will always be associated with any instance of pre-recorded voice (NPC dialog, the hotkey voice system, etc).

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