The file nwn.ini is a configuration file for Neverwinter Nights, found in the NWN directory.

Some useful settings you might want to add:

[Display Options]

This allows one to use window mode.

[Display Options]
Disable Movies=1

This allows one to skip all the movies.

[Display Options]
Disable Intro Movies=1

This allows one to skip just the intro movies.

Note in all three cases, one just wants to add to the

[Display Options]

section, as it should already exist.

[Video Options]
Grass Far Render Distance=900.0

This sets how far into the distance grass should be rendered. Valid values range from 900.0 to 30000.0, with a default of 900.0. Increasing this value will cause more grass to be rendered in outdoor grassy areas, but will also reduce game performance in these areas. (Added in patch 1.69.)

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