The nwnplayer.ini file controls and saves the settings chosen in the main game client for all modes of play: single-player, multi-player, and server (not the stand-alone server). Below is a listing of the different sections and fields that make up the file.

[Game Options][]

This section contains fields which control options for the player client. It also contains fields which "unlock" the campaign modules, allowing users to edit them in the toolset.

This line unlocks the modules of the original campaign. The possible values for this code word (in order of progress through the campaign) are rangersandhamsters, gnomelover, andiwantapony, chimpfactor5, notzesty, setinjello, and hacktastic.
CODEWORD XP1=ffrodriguez
This line unlocks the modules of the Shadows of Undrentide campaign. The possible values for this code word (in order of progress through the campaign) are canyousaymonkey, hickorysticks, and ffrodriguez.
CODEWORD XP2=barkeater
This line unlocks the modules of the Hordes of the Underdark campaign. The possible values for this code word (in order of progress through the campaign) are bionoel, biojello, and barkeater.
Setting this to 1 will add all player chat heard by the client to the client log. The file can be found in the "logs" directory of the NWN base install path (eg. nwnclientLog1.txt). Note that the log will overwrite itself; preventing long term chat logging over multiple play sessions. This can be prevented by renaming the log after every session, or using a Log Rotator [1].
Setting this to 1 will add all text that could appear in the chat window to the client log, making this a more verbose option than ClientChatLogging, as it includes (among less voluminous messages) the combat log as well as player chat.
Client CPU Affinity=0
Specifies the CPU the game client will use on a multi-core computer. Cores are numbered from 0 to the number of cores minus 1. As of patch 1.69, a value of '-1' is treated as '0' and a value of '-2' indicates that the game should use the default affinity (if any) provided by the operating system. (Added in patch 1.67.)
Death Logging=0
Changing the '0' to '1' causes all creature deaths to be recorded in the log file (defaults to off). (Added in patch 1.69.)
Debug Mode=1
This line used to enable the use of DM console commands in single player, but it is no longer necessary.
Difficulty Level=2
This line determines the difficulty setting until manually changed within the game. The number can range from 0 (very easy) to 4 (very difficult).
In-game Text Swear Filter=0
Changing the '0' to '1' enables the in-game text swear filter. (Added in patch 1.69; only supports English.)
Visible Cloaks=1
Changing the '1' to '0' causes the visible cloaks introduced in version 1.68 to not render. (Added in patch 1.69.)
Max Memory Usage=64
Sets the size (in megabytes) of the memory cache used by the game for resources. Increasing this number may improve performance, but likely only up to a certain point. (Tests conducted by BioWare indicated that performance increases stopped at 32 while playing the official campaigns.) The default value (if this setting is not specified or is larger than the available memory) is the larger of 16 and one-eighth of physical memory.

[Chat Colors][]

Allows different colors for different types of messages in the chat window.


[Chat Colors]








[Control Options][]

This section contains fields which contain settings for the in-game camera.

Setting this to 0 will prevent the camera from zooming / panning during in-game conversation dialogs. This can be useful in a server setting where players have access to menus, as it can be frustrating managing the camera angle.


This section stores information about the GameSpy screens when a user accesses multiplayer.

Client Port=5121
This is the port the client will use to connect to servers. If there is more than one client connected through a (home) network, these ports must be different for each client. Suggested values for this are numbers in the range 5121–5129.
ServerList Show All Versions=0
Setting this to '1' will enable servers of differing versions to be listed when browsing servers.
Note: Enabling this option can result in the game not retrieving proper game versions, and thus disable connecting to some servers.

[Server Options][]

This section stores server information settings when server games are launched from inside the main game client.

Field name Possible values Comments
Master Server Authentication Required For Player Login=0 0, 1 Determines if player login attempts will be refused if the master server could not be reached.
Account validation required during Master Server down times=0 0, 1 If this option is turned on, the server will track the public CD-Keys of each player logging onto the server. If the Master Server ever goes down for any reason (e.g. for scheduled maintenance) then the server will validate itself that the player name of any new player trying to connect is in fact using the same public cd-key that they last logged in with.
BackupSavedChars=0 0, 1 Determines if saved characters are backed up on exit.
* 0 - no backup
* 1 - backup
Saving Throw Automatic Failure On 1=1 0, 1 Determines whether or not saving throws automatically fail if a natural 1 is rolled.
* 0 - no autofail
* 1 - autofail
ShowDMJoinedMessage=1 0, 1 Determines if a server message is shown when the DM joins.
* 0 - no message
* 1 - display message
Disallow Shouting=0 0, 1 Determines if the shout channel is available to players. (It is always available to DMs.)
* 0 - shouts available
* 1 - shouts unavailable
CD Banned Behavior=0 0, 1 Sets the effect of the [Banned CD Keys] section of this file.
* 0 - keys in the list are banned
* 1 - keys not in the list are banned
Game Port=5121 5121+ The port on which the server listens.
Max Players=18 1-64 The maximum number of players
Server Name=**** The (default) name of the server ("****" in this example), as shown in the server list. This can be changed within the dedicated server.
GameSpy Enabled=1 0, 1 Determines whether or not the server will (try to) be listed in the server list (GameSpy).
* 0 - not listed
* 1 - listed
Game Type=0 0-12 The GameSpy category in which the server will be listed.
* 0 - Action
* 1 - Story
* 2 - Story Lite
* 3 - Roleplay
* 4 - Team
* 5 - Melee
* 6 - Arena
* 7 - Social
* 8 - Alternative
* 9 - PW Action
* 10 - PW Story
* 11 - Solo
* 12 - Tech Support
Disable AutoSave=0 0, 1 Determines if the server makes periodic autosaves
* 0 - autosaves
* 1 - no autosaves
ServerAdminPassword=***** The password for the server administrator ("****" in this example).
MinCharLevel=1 1-40 The minimum level a character can be and enter the server.
MaxCharLevel=20 1-40 The maximum level a character can be and enter the server.
AllowLocalChars=1 0, 1 Determines which vault is used.
* 0 - server vault only
* 1 - local vault allowed and used for new characters
PauseAndPlay=0 0, 1 Determines if players can pause the game. (DMs can always pause the game.)
* 0 - no player pausing
* 1 - players can pause
One Party Only=0 0, 1 Determines if all players are automatically placed into a single party.
* 0 - no (multiple parties allowed)
* 1 - yes (players forced into a single plarty)
ItemLevelRestrictions=1 0, 1 Determines if item level restrictions (ILR) will be used.
* 0 - ILR not used
* 1 - ILR used
Enforce Legal Characters=1 0, 1 Determines if enforce legal characters (ELC) will be used.
* 0 - ELC not used
* 1 - ELC used
Auto Save Interval=0 0-?? The time between periodic autosaves (in minutes). Setting this to 0 will disable the timed autosaves.
MPEnabled=1 0, 1 Does nothing. Possibly was supposed to determine if the tell channel (message, private) is available to players.
DMPassword=***** The password for Dungeon Masters ("****" in this example).
PlayerPassword=***** The password for players ("****" in this example).
PVP Setting=1 0, 1, 2 Determines the default PvP setting
* 0 - no PvP
* 1 - party PvP
* 2 - full PvP
Game Region=0
ServerDownTimer=180 0-?? The number of seconds a client should wait before reporting the server as unreachable (down).
Suppress Base Servervault=0 0, 1 Determines if characters in the root server vault directory are made available to players (in addition to characters in their subdirectories).
* 0 - root characters available
* 1 - root characters not available
Reload Module When Empty=1 0, 1 Determines if the module is reloaded when the last person logs out or is disconnected.
* 0 - no automatic reload
* 1 - reload
RotateServerLog=0 0, 1 Determines if server logs are rotated or overwritten when the server restarts.
* 0 - overwrite
* 1 - rotate
2DA Cache Size=10 1-?? The number of .2da files to be cached for use with Get2DAString().
(Added in patch 1.69.)
2DA Engine Cache Size=11 11-?? The number of .2da files to be cached for the use of the game engine. Editing this value might improve performance for some people.
(Added in patch 1.69.)
Always Reset Encounter Spawns=0 0, 1 Determines if an encounter will recalculate which creatures to spawn every time it spawns creatures, rather than sometimes retaining this calculation from an earlier triggering (potentially causing level-inappropriate creatures to be spawned).
* 0 - sometimes retain the calculation
* 1 - always recalculate
(Added in patch 1.69.)
Hide Hit Points Gained=0 0, 1 Determines if the hit points gained are displayed in the level up summary window.
* 0 - display hit points gained
* 1 - do not display hit points gained.
(Added in patch 1.69.)
Max Hit Points=1 0, 1 Determines if players are always given the maximum possible hit points when gaining a level.
* 0 - hit points are random
* 1 - hit points are always the maximum
(Added in patch 1.69.)
Restore Spell Uses On Login=0 0, 1

Determines if the ready/used state of a player character's spell slots are preserved across logins (only possible with server vault and only if the server has not reset), rather than all being made ready upon logging in.
* 0 - all slots are ready upon login
* 1 - slot states are preserved if server vault is used.
(Added in patch 1.69.)

Examine Effects On Creatures=1 0, 1

Determines if effects and item properties are listed when a creature is examined (by players; does not apply to DMs).
0 - effects (and item properties) are not displayed
1 - effects (and item properties) are displayed
(Added in patch 1.67.)

Examine CR On Creatures=1 0, 1

Determines if the relative challenge rating of a creature is shown when that creature is examined.
0 - ratings are not displayed
1 - ratings are displayed
(Added in patch 1.67.)

[Banned Ips][]

This section stores the IP Addresses that have been banned from accessing this server.

[Banned Players][]

This section stores the player names that have been banned from accessing this server.

[Banned CD Keys][]

This section stores the public CD Keys that have been banned from accessing this server.

[Favorites Page][]

This section stores the list of servers that have been added to the Favorites page in GameSpy.

[History Page][]

This section stores the list of servers that have been accessed.


This section stores the user settings of which actions are performed by what keystroke on the keyboard.

[Script Options][]

This section allows a builder to create logs to aid debugging and optimizing scripts. (Added in patch 1.69.)
Note: At most, only one of the options in this section should be enabled at a time.

Enable Logging=0
Changing the '0' to '1' causes each script to be logged as it executes. This will degrade game performance and should only be used for script debugging purposes (e.g. to determine the last script executed before a module freezes).
Enable Profiling=0
Changing the '0' to '1' causes script profiling data to be collected and recorded in the log file. This will degrade game performance and should only be used for script optimization purposes (e.g. to determine which scripts have the biggest performance impact on a module).

[Trap Colors][]

This section allows a player to change the colors used to depict traps, so that red/green color blind users do not get killed by traps unexpectedly. (Added in patch 1.69.)

These are RGB color codes, ranging from 0 to 255. That is, the first number indicates the amount of red, the second green, and the third blue, each measured on a scale from 0 to 255.