Path of Ascension

Found in several variations under the nwnserverlist heading "Action"

Designed as a persistent world by the AW clan. Originally published as "AW Path of Ascension"

Hak Pak: None in original, but several variations require CEP.

Suggested Size: 8-32 players

RP/PvP/PvE/RP Lite/PvP Lite: The original server was a team oriented PvE atmosphere with a PvP Lite (permission from DMs was required) element. The mod provided a baseline of action and quests to complete, but kept the PvP element of revenge, robbery, and PvP story creation open at the DMs descretion.


Path of Ascension was and still is a good outlet for both new comers and old players of Neverwinter. The rules are not overly complicated, and role play is only sporadically existent. The possibility for reckless PvP incidents in the module does lead, however, to several cases of characters named "McStealy" or "Theif" annoying other players with no purpose.


Leonidas's Path of Ascension - Levels 1-40, No Item Restrictions(*) Pickpocketing allowed, but not recomended. PvP by mutual consent only. High Magic, Medium to High Income. Rest Anywhere. Leveling: Starts slow, then moves to high/very high.

Recomended Characters: Powergaming is recomended, and nearly required. Melee types have an easier going, but Magic users are more powerful in the endgame. Epic endgame requires both types, as monsters are extremely tough.

A heavily edited version of PoA. Currently the most popular PoA server not requiring the CEP (as of 9/14/08). Contains many unique areas, including a "Gauntlet" with prizes worth the run. Weapons are not based on level restrictions, but weapons with greater than +5 bonuses require an epic character due to server side scripting. Certain weapons and armaments are "class only," and cannot be equipped via use of Use Magic Device.