Ir gengaze

Range: personal
Save: fortitude
Spell resistance: no
Area of effect: 10 meter cone
Duration: instantaneous

Description: Enemies in the area of effect who fail their saving throw are petrified.


  • The DC for the saving throw is 13 for the version of this ability used by monsters, and 12 + (shifter level)/2 for the version used by shifters.
  • For this ability, "enemies" includes neutrals after taking the PvP setting into account. The shifter version excludes neutral non-player characters who are not associates of a player character.
  • Under the "Normal" and easier difficulty settings, the petrification lasts one round per hit die (monster version) or caster level (shifter version) when the target is a player character. Under the harder settings, and always for non-player characters, the petrification is permanent.
  • A creature whose appearance is one without flesh — or is that of a basilisk, cockatrice, medusa, or gorgon — is immune to this ability. (Examples of flesh-less appearances include most golems, all elementals, shadows, and skeletons.)
  • The shifter version of this ability cannot be used while blinded, while the normal one can.
  • The shifter version of this ability has a scripted limit to its number of uses (1 + 1/5 shifter level for each shift).
  • The shifter version is intended for the basilisk forms of greater wildshape III and the medusa form of greater wildshape IV.

Builder notes Edit

  • Under a creature's special abilities (in the Toolset), the first "Gaze, Petrification" is the shifter version, while the second is the monster version.
  • The shifter version is generally unsuitable as a monster ability because the limit to its number of uses defaults to 0.

Custom content notesEdit

  • scripts: x0_s1_PetrGaze (monster version), x2_s1_PetrGaze (shifter version)
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