Spider phase

Phase spiders are aggressive predators that can 'phase' back and forth between the material and ethereal planes. The attacks of these magical creatures can be very disconcerting.

Statistics Edit

Race: magical beast
Alignment: true neutral
Armor class: 15
Hit points: 37
Attack bonus: +5
Damage: 1d6+3 (slashing creature weapons) on monster hit: phase spider venom

Hit dice (level): 5
Challenge rating: 3

  fortitude 7
reflex 4
will 2

Size: large

  strength 17
dexterity 17
constitution 16
intelligence 7
wisdom 13
charisma 10

Trained skills:(‡) move silently (14), spot (10)
Feats: darkvision, weapon proficiency (creature)

Blueprint:(‡) nw_spidphase

Special abilitiesEdit

Sometimes while fighting, a phase spider will jump to an injured enemy and attack.

Notes Edit

  • Unlike the other standard spiders, a phase spider is immune to neither mind-affecting spells nor the web spell, and it is subject to animal empathy.
  • The exact conditions for a phase spider jumping around in combat may seem completely random at times, due to the factors involved. The most volatile factor is the selection of who to jump to; the target will be the most injured of the visible (possibly to the spider, possibly just not invisible) members of a nearby enemy faction, and the jump will only occur if this injured member is both seen by the spider and further than four meters away. Another factor is random, in that the spider will not jump half the time when it is at full hit points. (The intent was "above half" instead of "at full", but there is a bug in the calculation of half)
    The distance restriction has a consequence that a phase spider will likely not jump unless a party is spread out to fight several opponents at once.
    • A fix for the calculation of half is available on the Vault [1].

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