Planar turning

Type of feat: general (available every three level-ups) (epic)
Prerequisite: 21st level, wisdom 25+, charisma 25+, turn undead

Specifics: This feat allows outsiders to be turned like undead.

Use: selected automatic. If the character has twice as many levels as the outsiders have hit dice, the outsiders are instantly destroyed.


  • Requires Hordes of the Underdark.
  • The basic consequence of this feat is the same as the special ability of the good and evil domains: outsiders are added to the list of races that can be turned. (The other details mentioned in the feat description are simply reiterations of what turn undead does.)
  • The second consequence of this feat regards turn resistance. Outsiders normally add their spell resistance to their turn resistance, but when the turner has planar turning, they add only half their spell resistance.
  • The ability requirements imply taking at least five (usually more) combined great wisdom and great charisma feats (or three of these feats plus ten levels of red dragon disciple).
  • The combination of high ability requirements and limited benefits (particularly given the overlap with domain selection) make selection of this feat extremely rare.

Custom content notes[]

  • A custom class must have this feat in their feat list, or that class will not be able to select it as a general feat.