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*Requires [[Hordes of the Underdark]].
*Requires [[Hordes of the Underdark]].
*Clerics can turn outsiders as if they were undead with the [[good domain]] or the [[evil domain]], however, with the changes from Hordes of the Underdark, outsiders receive [[turn resistance]] equal to their [[spell resistance]]. This feat reduces this resistance by 1/2.
*Outsiders turned via this feat get [[turn resistance]] equal to half their [[spell resistance]]. (Outsiders turned by other means, namely via the [[good domain|good]] or [[evil domain|evil]] domains, receive turn resistance equal to their spell resistance.)
==Custom content notes==
==Custom content notes==

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Type of Feat: (Epic) General

Prerequisite: Cha 25, Wis 25, 21st level, Turn undead

Specifics: This feat allows outsiders to be turned like undead.

Use: Selected. If the character has twice as many levels as the outsiders have hit dice, the outsiders are instantly destroyed.


Custom content notes

  • A custom class must have this feat in their feat list, or that class will not be able to select it as a general feat.
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