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Poison afflicts creatures by delivering ability damage in two stages. When initially struck, the creature makes a fortitude saving throw to resist the poison outright. If this roll fails the character takes a specified amount of ability damage. After one minute has passed the character makes another fortitude saving throw, and if this fails he takes an additional amount of ability damage. It is possible to remove poison before the second round of ability damage is delivered by using the heal skill or the neutralize poison spell. While the spell will also cure ability damage, the skill will not. By default, poisons (excluding on-hit poisons) are magical effects, and thus both the poison and its ability reduction can be removed by dispelling or resting. (On-hit poisons are extraordinary effects, so removed by resting but not dispelling.) A creature under the influence of a poison is immune to further applications of poison.

The standard poisons defined by the game are the following, listed with the two sets of damage inflicted and the DC of the saving throws.

Poison Primary damage Secondary damage Save DC
Aranea venom 1d6 strength 2d6 strength 13
Arsenic 1 constitution 2d8 constitution 13
Bebilith venom 1d6 constitution 2d6 constitution 20
Black adder venom none 1d6 strength 12
Black lotus extract 3d6 constitution 3d6 constitution 20
Blade bane 1d4 strength 1d2 constitution 15
Bloodroot 1d3 wisdom 1d4 constitution 12
Blue whinnis 1 constitution sleep (10 rounds) 14
Burnt othur fumes none 3d6 constitution 18
Carrion crawler brain juice paralysis (10 rounds) none 13
Chaos mist 1d4 wisdom 2d6 wisdom 15
Colossal spider venom 2d8 strength 2d8 strength 35
Dark reaver powder 2d6 constitution 2d6 constitution 18
Deathblade 1d6 constitution 2d6 constitution 20
Dragon bile 3d6 strength none 26
Epic wyvern poison 2d6 constitution 2d6 constitution 26
Ettercap venom 1d6 dexterity 2d4 dexterity 13
Gargantuan spider venom 2d6 strength 2d6 strength 36
Giant wasp poison 1d6 dexterity 1d6 dexterity 18
Greenblood oil 1 constitution 1d2 constitution 13
Huge spider venom 1d8 strength 2d8 strength 26
Id moss 1d4 intelligence 2d6 intelligence 14
Iron golem fumes 1d4 constitution death 17
Large scorpion venom 1d6 strength 1d6 strength 18
Large spider venom 1d6 strength 1d6 strength 18
Lich dust 2d6 strength 1d6 strength 17
Malyss root paste 1 dexterity 2d4 dexterity 16
Medium spider venom 1d4 strength 1d4 strength 14
Nightshade 1 dexterity 1d2 dexterity 10
Nitharit none 3d6 constitution 13
Oil of taggit none sleep (10 rounds) 15
Phase spider venom 2d6 constitution 2d6 constitution 15
Pit fiend ichor 3d6 constitution death 21
Purple worm poison 1d6 strength 1d6 strength 24
Quasit venom 1d4 dexterity 2d4 dexterity 13
Sassone leaf residue 2d12 acid 1d6 constitution 16
Shadow essence none 2d6 strength 17
Small centipede poison 1d2 dexterity 1d2 dexterity 11
Small spider venom 1d3 strength 1d3 strength 11
Striped toadstool 1 wisdom 2d6 wisdom 11
Terinav root 1d6 dexterity 2d6 dexterity 16
Tiny spider venom 1d2 strength 1d2 strength 11
Ungol dust 1 charisma 1d6 charisma 15
Wraith spider venom 1d6 constitution 2d6 strength 26
Wyvern poison 2d6 constitution 2d6 constitution 17

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