Is poison
Spell level: cleric 4; druid 3; cleric with water domain 3

Innate level: 3
School: necromancy
Descriptor: poison
Components: verbal, somatic
Range: touch
Area of effect: single
Duration: instant
Save: fortitude negates
Spell resistance: yes
Additional counterspells: neutralize poison

Description: If the caster succeeds at a melee touch attack, the target must make a fortitude save or suffer the effects of large scorpion venom (1d6 strength damage on primary and secondary hits).


  • Despite the description, no touch attack is involved.
  • The fortitude save to avoid the poison is always 18, the DC for large scorpion venom. Spell focus and ability modifiers have no effect on the DC.

Custom content notesEdit

  • script: NW_S0_Poison
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