A portal is nothing more than a scripted transition. To make it work you need a portal object and a waypoint. Make the object “usable” and place the waypoint in the location you want the PCs to port to. Give the waypoint a unique tag.

Making a Portal

Place the following script in the OnUsed script handle of the portal. For this example I’ll call it WP_ARRIVE.

// Port PC
void main()
     object oPC = GetLastUsedBy(); // Get the user of the object
     object oDest = GetObjectByTag("WP_ARRIVE"); // way point tag.


  • If the waypoint is in the same area, associates will have a hard time finding their leader. Correcting this potential problem would require additional scripting.
  • If the waypoint is in a different area, then there should be no problem with followers. They should make the jump by default.
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