A potion contains a single use of a specific spell.

Potions can be created using the brew potion feat.


Builder notes[]

  • Spell scripts that assume the spell's target is OBJECT_SELF, rather than GetSpellTargetObject(), will affect the player's character when a potion of that spell is fed to an associate.
  • Summoning effects will create an associate of the caster unless the effect is applied to a different creature. Most summoning spells instead apply the effect at a location, hence the summoned creature becomes an associate of the caster. (The exception is elemental swarm, but since that spell applies its effect to OBJECT_SELF, the summons are still of the caster.)

Standard potions[]

Several potions are available in the standard game resources. Some are listed here, along with their description, associated spell, and (in parentheses) caster level.

Potion of antidote
neutralize poison (5)
This tonic is sovereign against venoms, mineral toxins, diseases, and poisons of all sorts.
Potion of barkskin
barkskin (3)
This thick concoction smells dark and musty, like a forest after heavy rains.