Power word, kill

Spell level: sorcerer/wizard 9

Innate level: 9
School: divination
Descriptor: death
Components: verbal
Range: short (8 meters)
Area of effect: large (5 meter radius), single
Duration: instant
Save: none
Spell resistance: yes
Additional counterspells: death ward

Description: This spell may be cast on a single creature or as an area effect. A targeted creature of up to 100 hit points is killed instantly. As an area effect, this spell will kill all creatures with fewer than 20 hit points, to a maximum total of 200 hit points.


  • Whether or not a creature is affected by this spell depends on the creature's current, not maximum, hit points.
  • This spell does not have a somatic component, so it can be cast while wearing full armor and shield, ignoring arcane spell failure.
  • In area effect mode, the spell targets creatures in ascending order of current hit points.
  • Due to a .2da bug, death ward is not an additional counterspell of this spell.

Custom content notes[]

  • script: NW_S0_PWKill