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Prestige classes are classes that have requirements (other than alignment restrictions) that must be met before a player character can gain levels in the class, as opposed to base classes, which are open to all player characters of allowed alignments. These powerful classes grant characters unique new abilities unavailable to the base classes. A prestige class cannot be chosen for a starting character; it must be earned through careful advancement. For example, some classes require a certain number of ranks in one or more skills, while others require the ability to cast arcane spells. The requirements for each prestige class are listed in the article for that class.

Prestige classes are limited to 10 class levels through character level 20. Starting with character level 21, prestige classes can advance beyond level 10 (at which point they are considered epic classes) with no further limitations.

A prestige class is not counted for the multiclass penalty.

In Neverwinter Nights[]

All but one of the prestige classes implemented in Neverwinter Nights were provided by the expansion packs, and are among the few things that may require the first expansion pack specifically. (Most other additions — such as skills and spells — from the first expansion pack were also included in the second.)

The prestige classes that are available (only) if Shadows of Undrentide is installed are arcane archer, assassin, blackguard, Harper scout, and shadowdancer.

The prestige classes that are available (only) if Hordes of the Underdark is installed are champion of Torm, dwarven defender, pale master, red dragon disciple, shifter, and weapon master.

The final prestige class, purple dragon knight, was made available in patch 1.69 and is available regardless of which expansions are installed.

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