Project Q ("Q" standing for "quality") is an effort by several members of the Neverwinter Nights community to provide enhanced art resources for the game (in hak pak format), following the final official patch. It had been referred to as "Patch 1.70" during the testing of (official) patch 1.69, but other details were kept largely secret until the project's announcement in September 2008.[1] Project Q is a standalone product that makes fundamental changes to Neverwinter Nights, making it not easily compatible with other projects such as CEP.

The most recent version of Project Q, version 2.2, consists of thirteen base hak paks and four optional hak paks (designed to add increased resources and versatility on top of the base haks). The intent of this organization is to make the project modular, so that module builders can choose which elements to incorporate. (However, if base hak paks are omitted, the builder will have to provide their own hak pak with .2da files for the hak paks that are used.)

The base hak paks in Project Q version 2.2 are the following.

Contains the .2da files (the "top hak") for use if all base hak paks are used.
Overrides many of the default resources and adds new creature appearances, including content by Sixesthrice, CODI, DLA, and others.
Converts shields to a part-based system and increases the number of base item types available.
Provides high quality resources, the majority of which debuted in Project Q.
Add new clothing options and animations.
Add new clothing options.
Introduces a variety of new sound effects and (creature) soundsets.
Adds resources to several of the default tilesets, most notably the castle exterior, rural tileset, diagonal walls for the crypt tileset, and raise/lower functionality for all interior tilesets.
Adds hi-resolution skyboxes by Morikhan and new waypoint icons.

The optional hak paks (whose names begin with "q_!" instead of just "q_") in Project Q version 2.2 are the following.

Converts several base item types to a part-based structure and redefines the part structure of all weapons.
Changes the sounds of many weapon impacts and fixes several issues identified by Aarron and other members of the NWN community.
Reskin pack for several tilesets.
Adds three new tilesets to the game—DLA sewers, Q rural interior, and undercity sewers.

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