Quick to master

Type of feat: race
Prerequisite: human

Specifics: Humans start with an extra feat at character generation.

Use: automatic

Builder notes[edit | edit source]

Item feat: no

This feat is only an information source for players. As it has no effect in the game (and since NPCs are not limited in the number of feats they can have anyway) the only reason to give quick to master to an NPC is if its character sheet will be visible to a player, such as is the case for a henchman.

Custom content notes[edit | edit source]

Removable: no, icon only

Reusable: no, icon only

Script: hardcoded

The extra feat is hardcoded to line 6 in racialtypes.2da, so removing quick to master from humans will not remove the extra feat or the extra skill points gained by humans. Nor will giving quick to master to another race give that race an extra feat at character creation.

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