Quicken spell
Quickened indicator

Type of feat: metamagic (general feat)
Prerequisite: ability to cast 4th-level spells
Required for: automatic quicken spell

Specifics: Quickened spells can be cast instantaneously, making them invulnerable to counterspells or interruption. A quickened spell is cast as a free action, and another action can be attempted within the same round, including the casting of another spell. Only one quickened spell can be cast per round.

Use: Quickened spells occupy spell slots four levels higher than normal.


  • This feat has the same effect on casting time as haste. Casting a quickened spell while hastened does not further reduce casting time.
  • The in-game description is incorrect in regards to interruption and countering.
    • Quickened spells can be interrupted if damage is received and the concentration check is failed. However, a quickened spell does not provoke an attack of opportunity, so the chance of receiving damage at the right moment is decreased.
    • Quickened spells can be countered normally, unless the caster is hastened. If the caster is hastened, the counterspeller must also be hastened to successfully counterspell.
  • The following spells cannot be quickened (in addition to all level 6, 7, 8, and 9 spells, which cannot be quickened due to the lack of spell slots above level 9):
  • This feat can only be selected when gaining a level of bard, cleric, red dragon disciple, druid, Harper scout, shadowdancer, sorcerer, or wizard.

Builder notes[]

Item feat: No, but it can be added with custom content.

Custom content notes[]

Removable: yes

Reusable: yes

Script: hardcoded

  • This feat can be added to iprp_feats.2da and work as an item feat, but wizards and divine spellcasters will only need to have the item equipped while preparing their spellbooks and not during resting or casting. Spellhooking can be used to verify that the caster has the feat if it is used as an item feat.
  • A custom class must have this feat in their feat list, or that class will not be able to select it as a general feat.