The radial menu is the primary tool for interacting with the world of Neverwinter Nights. The radial menu is brought up by right-clicking an object (or location) with the mouse. The menu itself consists of up to eight options radiating from the center point, with the mouse moved to the center point if needed. These options cover all possible interactions with the target object or location, including such things as casting a spell at it or attacking.

A left-click selects an option from the menu. If the option has a small arrow beside it, then selecting that option brings up a submenu with another level of options. Around such options is a ring previewing the next level of the menu, allowing one to see at a glance what the next level will hold. Clicking the center of the submenu will return to the parent menu (or dismiss the radial menu if already at the highest menu level).

The numeric keypad can be used to access the radial menu. Each number key (except 0) on the keypad corresponds to a location in the radial menu, with the 5 key being the center. (So the 8 key selects the topmost option, the 7 the top-left, etc.) The 0 key on the numeric keypad will bring up the radial menu on the player's character. This allows some abilities to be "speed dialed" with the numeric keypad. (Here, the "speed" aspect is relative to using the mouse, not the number of keys that must be hit.)

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