Ray of enfeeblement

Spell level: sorcerer/wizard 1

Innate level: 1
School: necromancy
Descriptor: death negative
Components: somatic
Range: short (8 meters)
Area of effect: single
Duration: 1 round / level
Save: fortitude negates
Spell resistance: yes
Additional counterspells: bull's strength

Description: The target creature takes 1d6 strength damage, plus 1 per 2 caster levels, to a maximum of 11 damage.

caster level strength damage
1 1d6 + 1
4 1d6 + 2
6 1d6 + 3
8 1d6 + 4
10+ 1d6 + 5


  • This spell's in-game description would be more precise if "maximum of 11 damage" was changed to "maximum of +5". Caster levels above 10 do not contribute to the damage calculation, and the damage can be increased above 11 with empower spell.
  • Contrary to the in-game descriptor, the save is made versus "negative" and protection from death magic has no impact on this spell.
  • Due to a .2da bug, bull's strength is not an additional counterspell of this spell.

Previous versions[]

  • Prior to patch 1.64, this spell's duration was capped at 10 rounds.

Custom content notes[]

  • script: NW_S0_rayEnfeeb