This article is about the standard creature; for the summons, see Red slaad (summon).
Outsider slaad red

Creatures of chaos, red slaadi are the weakest of their kind. Most seek escape from the cruel treatment offered by their more powerful kin.

Statistics Edit

Race: outsider
Alignment: chaotic neutral
Armor class: 16
Hit points: 52
Attack bonus: +10/+5
Damage: 1d4+4 / 1d4+4 / 2d8+4 (claw/claw/bite creature weapons)

Hit dice (level): 7
Challenge rating: 6

  fortitude 8
reflex 6
will 3

Size: large

Damage resistance
  acid 5/-
  cold 5/-
  electrical 5/-
  fire 5/-
  sonic 5/-
Regeneration: +5

Trained skills:(‡) listen (4), move silently (6), spot (6)
Feats: darkvision, dodge, weapon proficiency (creature)

Blueprint:(‡) nw_slaadred
Standard loot: slaad's tongue

Special abilities Edit

The claws of a red slaad inflict red slaad eggs on-hit. In addition, this creature can use its stunning howl once per day, and it can summon slaad once per day.

Notes Edit

  • The creature created as a result of red slaad eggs differs from the standard creature in that its claws do not inflict red slaad eggs, its alignment is neutral evil (a bug), and it cannot summon another slaad. The ResRef of this creature is nw_sp_slaadred.

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